Learn Piano Lessons in Brea and Find the Next Piano Piece to Play

Learning how to play the piano through piano lessons in Brea is exciting. Every time you successfully played your first piano piece, you can’t explain your excitement. But don’t stop there. It would be best if you re-challenged yourself by finding the next piano piece to play. 

piano lessons in Brea

What Piano Piece You May Consider Playing Next for Your Piano Lessons in Brea?  

There are many piano pieces available that can hone your piano skills. The most preferred piece of learning the piano is Fur Elise by Beethoven. Beethoven wrote this piece for Elise, his pupil. However, there’s no proof for this story. Nevertheless, it’s an easy piece that any beginner can play. It’s a charming piano that’s perfect for anyone who’s just starting. Clair de Lune is another piano piece that can motivate you further. It’s intended for the intermediate player. However, beginners can still play it to hone their skills. If you like Mozart, then Sonata No. 16 is another piece you want to work towards. Mozart is one of the most famous composers who ever lived. When people think about him, they quickly assume that all songs he wrote were challenging to play. But it’s not at all true. Sonata No. 16 is one of the most effortless pieces you can play while still learning the piano. Mozart wrote it for people who are just beginning to learn. Although the facile in the title means easy, it’s not as easy as Happy Birthday. Still, it’s a great piece that any beginner can play. However, you need to practice for at least an hour each day for one week to master this piece. Minuet in G is another piano piece that’s great for beginners. People thought that Bach wrote this piece. However, recent studies showed that Christian Petzold wrote it. This is a delightful piece that you can play each time you wish to show off your piano skills to your friends. If you want to meditate, you don’t need to sit still. You can actually meditate while playing the piano. It’s especially true if you try to play Primavera, which means Springtime. It’s a kind of piece that’s great for meditation. Although you can watch YouTube videos on how to play this piece, nothing can beat the skills you can get when you have a piano teacher working with you. It’s one reason many famous composers and pianists around the world invested their money and hired a piano teacher to guide them. Playing the piano may seem easy to learn. You can get some pieces of advice online, and you can learn on your own. However, there are mistakes that you can commit while practicing the piano. And you will carry these mistakes while growing as a pianist, and they may affect how you play in the future. But having a piano teacher will guide and correct any mistakes before it goes overboard. If you wish to know where to find piano lessons in Brea, please give us a call today at (562) 537-7548