How to Know What Piano Lessons in Westminster are Best

When it comes to learning to play an instrument, either for yourself or your child, there are many options available today for students. There are many piano teachers that are available that offer personal lessons. There are also countless books you can buy if you want to try to learn on your own. Today, with…

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Skip the Computer Lessons and Get a Real Piano Teacher in Buena Park

Technology can certainly be a wonderful thing for all of us. The advances made in the last twenty years have made many aspects of our lives much easier than in the past, and we have great capability with just the click of a computer mouse or touch of a button on our smartphones. As great…

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Sight Reading: Practical Tips

Sight Reading Sight reading is an important skill but also a very stressful one. It requires one to play a new piece of music with only a few minutes (or sometimes seconds) of preparation time. The unknown part and the fear of getting a wrong note are the two primary reasons why people are intimated…

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