Are Piano Lessons Safe During COVID?

piano lessons Anaheim

In-person piano lessons in Anaheim may not be safe during COVID. For that reason, Doris Chiang offers virtual piano lessons to her students so that they can continue learning how to play the piano amidst the pandemic.    What Online Piano Lessons in Anaheim Look Like?  Your thirst to learn how to play the piano…

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When Should You Start Piano Lessons?

Piano lessons Anaheim

Piano lessons in Anaheim can be good for your physical health. That’s because regular piano playing can help in sharpening your fine motor skills. It also improves your dexterity. Since piano playing is an exercise, it can make your hands and muscles stronger compared to the average person. Now, that you know the benefits of…

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How Much Does It Cost to Attend Piano Lessons?

Piano lessons Santa Ana

There are a thousand reasons you should consider attending piano lessons in Santa Ana. Studies showed that learning how to play the piano could improve mental health. When you’re anxious, piano playing can help in improving your anxiety. It also prevents you from experiencing severe depression. If you think that you can’t afford a piano…

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Is an Electric Keyboard Okay for Beginners?

One of the many questions of people who want to start attending the piano lessons in Orange County is if they can start on an electric keyboard. It’s also one of the most frequently asked questions of the new students of Doris Chiang. So we’re going to explain it here.    Electric Keyboard for Your…

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Tips to Practice Piano More Effectively

Your piano lessons in Anaheim can improve your skills at the piano. However, you must take a significant amount of time practicing to work on your skills. Consistent practice is the key to mastering the piano. But how often should you practice? What are the techniques you must implement to maximize your practice session?   …

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The Hardest Part of a Piano Lesson

piano lessons in Cerritos

Virtual piano lessons in Cerritos are available from Monday to Saturday. You can choose your preferred time of day. But this isn’t the hardest part of learning the piano. The hardest part is actually how to stay motivated. Because you’re not required to visit Doris’ piano studio, you might become indolent to open your computer and…

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Is It Possible to Learn Piano Just by Watching YouTube Videos?

piano lessons in Brea

It is possible to learn piano by watching YouTube videos. However, nothing can beat the piano lessons in Brea by Doris Chiang. The best way to learn piano is from an experienced instructor, like Doris Chiang. However, some students prefer to learn on their own. There’s nothing wrong with it. Learning on your own can help you…

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Are Virtual Piano Lessons as Effective as In-Person Lessons? Will They Work?

piano lessons Buena Park

While the pandemic is still looming, the piano lessons in Buena Park by Doris Chiang will remain virtual. Some of you might have issues regarding online lessons.  Are Online Piano Lessons in Buena Park Like Regular Music lessons?  It’s important to remember that not all virtual piano lessons are created equal. Thus, if you wish the…

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The Need to Practice Online Piano Lessons in Yorba Linda

piano lessons Yorba Linda

One of the biggest mistakes of students attending the piano lessons in Yorba Linda is that they don’t practice. The goal of practicing regularly is to get better. It’s a typical response. But when will you stop practicing? Many students would say that they stop practicing when they become better at playing the piece. What’s the Real…

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