What to Know Before You Start Private Lessons with a Piano Teacher in Orange County

Taking private lessons with a good piano teacher in Orange County can be a great learning experience for anyone. Children who learn to play the piano skillfully develop good behaviors and habits that will aid them in everything they do in life. Private piano lessons can help students develop piano sills even faster. These are a few things to know before starting the lessons.
What to Know Before You Start Private Lessons with a Piano Teacher in Orange County

There’s No Right Age to Stat Lessons with a Piano Teacher in Orange County

There are stories of child geniuses who learned to play the piano when they were two or some similar young age. However, any piano teacher in Orange County will tell you that some children are ready at age three, but most aren’t ready till they’re older. In fact, some aren’t ready till age 9. A good rule of thumb is: a child isn’t ready to start private piano lessons until they’re able to read. However, some kids with real gifts for music can start earlier.

No Piano Necessary

Most parents have this idea that if their child is going to take piano lessons, they better have a piano pronto. However, essentially any piano teacher says a piano isn’t necessary for the first three months of a child beginning their piano education. That doesn’t mean they simply pretend to play piano, however. A great substitute for a regular piano is an electric keyboard. However, the keyboard has to have at least 60 keys, and must be full sized (not a “kids’” version).

Kids Practice at Their Own Pace

Some parents believe their piano playing kids must practice for hours on end, day after day. Others seem to think that private lessons and/or walking past the piano are enough practice times. A good piano teacher in Orange County will tell you the answer is somewhere in the middle. The most agreed upon ratio is: a half an hour a day for a half an hour lesson. It’s important to keep in mind however: all kids learn at different speeds in different ways. They tend to find their own level.

Lesson Length depends on the Child’s Age

As a piano teacher in Orange County can point out, how long a piano lesson lasts usually goes in accordance with the age of the student. Kids that are younger than seven tend to respond best to lessons that are half an hour long. Children who are older than that but aren’t considered advanced or even intermediate yet do well with 45 minute lessons. Advanced students studying piano get hour long lessons.

The Right Piano Teacher

Dr. Doris Chang offers great piano lessons to students in and around Orange County. A quick look at her site will show all of the available options for lessons. From 9 AM to 8:30 PM, every day of the week but Sunday, there’s a piano lesson schedule that can fit your needs. For more info, call 562-537-7548 for the best piano teacher in Orange County.